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NEW! Hornet and Hippo: A Great Day to Find

Hornet and Hippo: A Great Day to Find

Hippo wants to find mushrooms and Hornet thinks the idea is gross, questioning “Why would we want to find mushrooms? Aren’t they slimy and stinky?” They stay curious long enough to find all sorts of things, including something big that no one was even looking for. After reading this story, you and your child’s nature walks may never be the same. For Preschoolers – 2nd Grade.

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What Readers are Saying…

“Hippos latest adventure with his friends Hornet and Oxpecker begins with mushroom hunting, but quickly leads to many other beautiful discoveries, some to take home for the home, others for the mind. In the end, grouchy Hornet finds one of nature’s astonishment’s.
You’re never too old, or young, to be reminded that life is a constant stream of wonderful surprises — if you are open and curious. The illustrations and typefaces beautifully enhance the carefully crafted, easy to read, child (and adult) friendly sentences.
I’m looking forward to reading about this happy outing with my 2nd graders.”

Barry Phegan, PhD,
Greenbrae, CA