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In the News: Book written by local psychologist helps kids deal with anxiety

Local book helps kids deal with anxiety.

Hornet and Hippo Count the Stars has made the local news!

WSBT 22 Reporter, Darla Hernandez spotlighted Hornet and Hippo Count the Stars for the Moms First segment on Tuesday, February 2nd.

The news segment highlights how Count the Stars can help kids calm their anxiety, which is especially important due to the pandemic that has anxiety and suicide on the rise for kids across America.

To watch the news video and read the story, visit WSBT here.

More about the Book:

Hornet & Hippo Count the Stars: Mindfulness Based Stories and Activities to Calm Anxiety and Balance the Mind

“Let me introduce you to my two friends, Hornet and Hippo. Hornet is always on the go, buzzing around his hive and worrying more than he needs. Hippo loves her river, watching birds, and slowing down for hours. An unlikely pair, they share many adventures while building a friendship that brings connection and balance to their lives.”

Hornet and Hippo Count the Stars is a collection of six stories geared for children 4–10 with mindfulness concepts woven in. These concepts are explored further through parent and teacher prompts, which provide guidance on ways to build concepts of acceptance, the negativity bias, child mindset, patience verses reactivity, letting go, and breathing skills into a child’s everyday life. 
With a beautifully detailed map of their home, Hornet and Hippo blend the sweetness of Frog and Toad storytelling with science to help children get in touch with their emotions and their amazing brains. Perfect for families, schools, and yoga classes for children.

To purchase Hornets and Hippos Count the Stars, please visit the Amazon link below:

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