Hornet and Hippo Count the Stars Bonus Activity Sheets

Hornet and Hippo Count the Stars Bonus Activites

Hornets & Hippos Count the Stars: Mindfulness Based Stories and Activities to Calm Anxiety and Balance the Mind, by Margaret Ann Jessop, PsyD,  uses Frog and Toad style storytelling to explore mindfulness concepts for kids. The book also includes additional activities and parent and teacher prompts in the back matter. Below, you will find worksheets that support the activities in the book, as well as bonus material that you can download and use alongside the text.

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Challenge Post Worksheet

Could Be Good Activity Sheet

Count the Stars Word Search

Count Your Amazing Stars

Thought Log Activity Sheet

Something New, Nice, Natural

Practice taking in positive information around you with this activity sheet from Hornets and Hippos Count the Stars by Margaret Ann Jessop, PsyD.

Everyday Riddle Activity Sheet