Hornets and Hippos



Welcome to the home of Hornets & Hippos where imagination, mindfulness and brain science come together to help you be less scared and reach your goals.

What is Hornets & Hippos?

Developed by licensed child psychologist, Margaret Ann Jessop, PsyD, Hornets & Hippos is a program for parents and kids aged 6-12 that teaches families how anxiety, anger and the stress responses work, and helps children curb their anxiety and anger through animal-friendly imagery and mindfulness.

Hornets and Hippos can be presented in a day long workshop, in 4-week segments, in yoga classes, or a stand alone workbook for home. Kids will learn how to access their ‘hornet brain’ and ‘hippo brain’ to reduce high anxiety and stress moments. Hornets & Hippos helps your child develop a home routine that will, over time, enable your child to develop more calm and peace of mind.

To find out when the next workshop will be held, please visit the upcoming events page.