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Hornets and Hippos: The Workbook

Hornets & Hippos: How to Use Imagination, Mindfulness, and Brain Science to Decrease Fear and Anger and Reach Your Goals

“HORNETS & HIPPOS: How to Use Imagination, Mindfulness, and Brain Science to Decrease Fear and Anger and Reach Your Goals”

Where imagination, mindfulness, and brain science come together to help you be less scared and reach your goals.

by Margaret Jessop, PsyD

Developed by licensed child psychologist, Margaret Ann Jessop, PsyD, “Hornets & Hippos” is a program for parents and children from 6 to 12 years old that teaches families how anxiety, anger, and the stress responses work. The animal-friendly imagery and mindfulness techniques presented in this workbook will teach children about their ‘hornet-brain’ (amygdala) and ‘hippo-brain’ (hippocampus), and offer them ways to reduce and manage high anxiety and stress moments.

Inside this workbook, you and your child will discover helpful worksheets, guided meditations, and other easy-to-remember techniques that will, over time, develop a home routine to help your child find more calm and peace of mind.

If you are interested in the workbook or the program, please visit the upcoming workshops page to find out when our next session will be held.

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Praise for Hornets & Hippos

“Just read a wonderful workbook called Hornets and Hippos to help kids and their parents when worries get big. An empowering workbook by Dr. Margaret Jessop.”

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, NY Times bestselling author, whose books include The Bottom Line for Baby, The Whole-Brain Child, and The Yes Brain.

“Hornets and Hippos is an essential tool for parents, educators, and counselors in formal and informal settings. It exemplifies terrific nonfiction writing with instructions from the heart to the heart, and helps kids learn the skills to calm their anxious hearts and minds.”

April Pulley Sayre, photo-illustrator and award-winning author of over 65 books for young readers, including Being Frog, Bloom Boom, and Thank You, Earth

“Intertwining neuroscience, CBT, and mindfulness, Dr. Jessop’s Hornets and Hippos workbook is a toolbox for kids to effectively and creatively manage their big feelings.”

Angela Henry, LCSW

“Hornets and Hippos is an incredible example of expertise, engaging every family where they’re at. Dr. Jessop’s ability to communicate difficult concepts in an accessible way is remarkable. Not only is Dr. Jessop able to translate some remarkably complex principles of brain function, she does so in a way that’s fun and engaging for children and families that’s focused on skill building and deepening our understanding of ourselves and those we love.”

Nancy Michael, PhD Director of Undergraduate Studies, Neuroscience and Behavior, University of Notre Dame

“This workbook is an easy to follow guide to helping children and adults understand their brains and anxiety and stress better. I’ve used it in one to one sessions with children as young as 5 and as old as 18. I’ve also used it in a school setting to help teachers and staff understand and normalize mental health terms and to bring the mindful moments practices to the classroom. I give this workbook 5 stars!”

Donna P.

“If your children (or you) might struggle with anxiety, fear, nervousness, or anger , Hornets and Hippos should jump to the top of your reading and to do list. This information and activity packed workbook is a family friendly, effective and fun way of exploring these issues and has some memorable tidbits that will resonate for all.”

Anonymous Reviewer